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Skyrim Leveling Tips

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Skyrim Leveling System

Skyrim is a video game developed by Bethesda game studios. These action series follows the story of the player’s character to defeat the evil Alduin who was prophesied to destroy the world. Because of the storyline and the game play system of this video game, Skyrim has out sold all other video games sold back in the year 2011 which was primarily the year of its release. The playing method of most elder scrolls games may prove difficult within the first times of the game system. This is was the same case until the skyrim leveling system was deduced. 

Bethesda tweaked the skyrim leveling system to fit your game play. Unlike leveling experienced in Oblivion, the fourth installment of the elder scrolls, skyrim levels easier. This fifth installment of the same elder scrolls, a series of action video games developed by Bethesda game studios, has proven to be every pain of effort applied during its development since the returns have been wonderful. If you want to become an expert in elder scrolls games, you need to know the tips and strategies to use in order to get your way to the finish line. Sometimes you may even need to apply some of the cheat codes but we will get to that later.

Skyrim leveling tips can be found in various sources with the internet being one of these sources however, there skyrim leveling tips which are also published in books. The abeona guide is one of the useful publications containing all those useful tips about skyrim leveling. You can also visit the official website on skyrim and download the official skyrim guide. According to game experts on skyrim, the abeona guide have rather more information compared to the original skyrim guide however each has its own benefits to the player, for instance the official guide presents locations, missions and NPCs perfectly. By looking at the abeona guide, the difference arises in that skyrim is explored in depth in relation to character stats and builds, takes you through missions, combats and much more. Leveling helps the player build character in accordance to how he or she plays. Leveling information is very important to the game player in skyrim and any other elder scrolls games.

Skyrim strategies guide is important to any new player. The benefits of skyrim strategies guide is that the player learns how to handle combat, the easy way of exploring the world of skyrim as well as leveling up the character to fit your game play. In this game, leveling up the character is an important aspect; this is because the environment of the game play is dictated by the strength of your character. In other words the more your character gets strong, the difficult the level gets as the enemy characters will also have grown stronger. There are at least 18 skills in skyrim that the game play character can use. If the characters in the game grow stronger, you will lose, if you level the system to accommodate the strength of your character or even become more powerful than those in the game, we may as well say that the process was dictated by cheat codes. Either way, you must find a way of winning battles in this game. When exploring the game, world of the game, you may find yourself running into some enemies, this is however challenging if they are stronger than you. Another aspect of thought is combat, when fighting enemy characters in skyrim, try not to engage yourself in combat with many characters, try to battle few enemies as possible and you will be able move up to another level. Either way, the game does not allow you to save in combat mode which means if you ‘die’, you go back to the beginning.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Skyrim Leveling - How To Level Faster

Leveling Fast Tips For Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

How To Level Up Skills
You can easily level up all your skills by repeatedly using these skills. Always make sure you set your priorities straight, don’t level up every skill, choose a certain set of skills and focus on them. Because you don’t want to end up with skills that you don’t want to use later in the game. Furthermore, each skill in Skyrim has a distinct perk tree and leveling up perks is what determines how good you are in a certain skill.
How To Level Up Skills Faster
There are a lot different Standing Stones in Skyrim for different Skills. Each Stone gives a boost to the said skill and helps to level up that skill quickly.
Getting the blessing of a stone will help level up that particular skill faster. You can activate a Standing Stone and get its blessing by walking close to it.
Leveling Up and Level Cap
Skyrim caps at level 50 but if you level up all skills to 100, you would be close to level 70. When you gain a level, all your health and magicka gets restored.
You can either level your attributes quickly or do it strategically to gain that health and magicka bonus. When you level up, you can spend points in Health, Magicka, Stamina and unlock one perk.
One perk per level explains why you can’t unlock all perks even when you have theoretically leveled up all skills to 100. It is because there are 250 perks in total and you can only select a mix of 70 perks for your character – 90 if you unlock the perks associated with certain quests.
Skill Trainers
These are the experts who can train you to better use your skills, resulting in quick boost to your skill, but for a price. They are expensive, but they do help you level up fast.
Before you go in search of these trainers, I recommend only training a skill when you want to unlock certain perk quickly or when you want to level up a skill that you had ignored before. Skill trainers also come in handy when you want to swap different armor types or magic types.
Read Skill Books To Level Up Fast
You can also boost your Skill Level by reading different Skill Books found throughout the Skyrim game. These Skill Books reward you with a set boost in Skill, which is really great at the start of the game when your aim is to level up as fast as possible.
Choose Small Set's of Skills
If you are looking to level up fast and become an efficient warrior in Skyrim, choose a limited number of skills and perks to level up. It will help you concentrate and adopt a specific fighting style. If you choose to generalize your skills, it will take you longer to level up these skills. Just remember, you don’t have to become a Jack of All Trades. Focus on a specific skill and be a master.
Do The Dungeons
Skyrim has more than 150 dungeons. Dungeons in starting areas of the game have weak enemies but as you level up, you can get access to a higher level dungeon and finish all the enemies using a chosen set of skills.
Using your skills will help you level up faster as I have already explained above and doing dungeons repeatedly will help you use certain set of skills more.
Difficulty of these dungeons is somewhat associated altitudes. So, you may want to avoid these locations during early stages of the game.
Doing these high level dungeons puts you against tougher enemies – which will in turn get you more experience points which would result in leveling up faster. But if you aren’t content with leveling up, know this, more difficult a dungeon is, more chances there are that enemies will drop higher value items.
The difficulty of these dungeon is varied as you progress in the game, Skyrim will adjust dungeon difficult as you go along – The dungeons you do during early stages of the game won’t be that easy when you return to them in the later stages of the game.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Skyrim Strategies

This is an important Skyrim cheats guide you should not do without. Skyrim is the fifth episode in a series labeled “Elder Scrolls”. It is a real player game that can be played on a PC, PS3 or Xbox. The whole idea of the game is to become the ultimate dragon slayer. With the setting based on medieval times it really does captivate the player into feeling like they are really there.

Below, you will find a few good Skyrim strategies that might help you along the way.

Crafting is a good way to increase your skill level. Make sure to collect everything you can from everywhere. Flowers, moss and roots are used in some of the crafting recipes. These can also be sold to companions who will help increase the level of your riches.

Sneaking is a very quick Skyrim Strategy. In most buildings, you can find a sleeping area or corner to crouch down in and just move back and forth to increase your sneaking level.

Weapons and Armor
Weapons and armor can be crafted in the players forges to assist in increasing your strength level; not to mention helping you defeat the dragons.

Dragon Shouts
Dragon shouts are almost essential in this game. You need the dragon shout to help kill the dragon, and you have to kill the dragon to get his soul; which is how you gain mastery to reach your ultimate goal.

The Skyrim Strategy
As with almost all of these types of games, Magic is a big Skyrim strategy. You need to be able to enchant people or items to increase your mastery skills. Most magic schools can help you do this, and of course, you can buy potions and spells along the way to help.

Skyrim Combat
Many of the Skyrim strategies are about combat. That is why you should always have a Skyrim cheats guide. The better fighter you are the farther you will go, but to become a good fighter you will need to increase your one handed and two-handed  combat skill levels. Always be looking out for weapons that can be bought or crafted. As in anything the guy with more weapons wins. One thing that Skyrim does allow is the stealth based combat strategies. These work really well to increase your assassination skill.

Guardian Stones
New to the list of Skyrim strategies are the Guardian Stones. This stone can be found throughout the Skyrim world, either by themselves or in groups of three. By activating one of these stones your player can be granted with a power or bonus. But you can only activate one stone at a time. The game has thirteen stones throughout the realm.

Skyrim Maps
The map will proof to be very useful in designing Skyrim strategies. It can be used to plot where you have been and can show you places to go. Always follow the map and keep a mental image of it, after all this is the medieval times.

Skyrim Skill Levels
Depending on your preference, one could base a pretty good footing around the thief skill level. It includes pick pocketing, lock picking, speech and sneaking skills. These very easy to accomplish and will help to increase your levels very fast. Alchemy is also among that skill which allows the player to make potions and poisons. A little different in this episode is that the thief doesn’t carry equipment around to create their potions and poisons.

The warrior is another skill level available in Skyrim. The Skyrim Strategies of the warrior are to master his six skill to achieve higher levels to become the ultimate dragon slayer. This player has to master smithing, heavy armor, block and archery. Most of the Skyrim strategies haven’t changed much. Stay alive; raise your skill level by learning trades or crafting recipes. And you will soon become the Ultimate Dragon Slayer.

Skyrim Leveling Tips

Skyrim Leveling Tips

Skyrim is the latest release in a series called Elder Scrolls. It is a very popular role-playing game that can be used on your PC, PS3 or Xbox. These tips have been collaborated to help you with Skyrim leveling up.

Skyrim leveling tips are very easy to do once you know how to do them and find them. The easiest leveling tip you can try is pick pocketing. It doesn’t matter what you pick pocket as long as you get the credit for the skill. Raising your skill level increases your chance for faster leveling.

Dragon shouts
Dragon shouts are a very useful part of them game. However, you must first find them. In High Hrothgar ask Arngeir where the “words of power” are. After you find the word of power for a shout, you will need to unlock them. The only way to do that is to absorb a dragon’s soul. But first you have to kill the dragon.

Use the map
The map that is located in the game is a very quick and easy way to Skyrim leveling. Not only can you use it to mark where you have been, but also to find certain areas that will help you level up faster. On the map, you can find the second guard barracks by the prison. Upon entering the barracks proceed to the sleep area, crouch down and sneak back and forth in the sleeping area. This will rapidly increase your Sneak skill, which will in turn increase your character level.

Speech option
The lowest level on your speech tree is learning how to bribe guards, which will keep you out of jail for committing crimes. You can go from village to village increasing your speech experience by bribing guards which will increase you level.

Crafting your way through Skyrim leveling
Crafting is a pretty basic skill, but it will help you gain levels. Just use your things you collect and sit around making the cheapest recipes around. You can work your Skyrim leveling all the way up doing this. It’s a pretty boring way to do it, but it works.

Iron Daggers
You can start off by smithing iron daggers. This one is pretty simple. The more iron daggers you can make the higher your skill level will go. Therefore increasing your Skyrim leveling.

You can increase your enchanting skill by using your strongest enchantment spell on the villagers. The higher your enchanting skill level reaches the higher your Skyrim leveling will reach.

Skyrim Walkthrough Cheats
Use your staff of Magnus during your Eye of Magnus quest to easily get you through to the Hall of Elements.

You can also boost your illusion skill by finding the rally and spell cast it at a companion over and over again. Another Skyrim walkthrough cheat is the Muffle spell. This spell can be bought from Farengar Secret-Fire. You don’t have to use it for combat or anything; you can just walk around spreading it. It will increase your Illusion skill and very rapidly increase your XP level.

Lock Picking
You can collect lock picks from the stores in the villages. Now the object to quickly raising your Skyrim level with this is to break the lock pick not the lock. You can gain thousands of skill levels this way.

Dragon Towers
When you see the dragon icon appear on your compass, normally when you are running through the woods, make sure you check it out. There will be a dragon waiting there and the more dragon shouts you get the higher your Skyrim leveling will increase.

As Skyrim is still a fairly new game there are still a variety of Skyrim leveling tips and Skyrim walkthrough cheats to be found. But these should at least help you get started.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Skyrim Leveling Tips

Complete Step By Step Guide For The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim That Shows You How To Become The ULTIMATE Dragon Slayer…

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Skyrim Leveling Tips

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Skyrim Leveling Tips

Skyrim Leveling Tips